3D Software

What 3D CAD is best? Which is the best 3D CAD software? Which is best Parametric or Modelling? These are the kind of questions that we get asked all the time by people looking to get into 3d cad design.
Learning a new 3D CAD program can be a stressful experience even for the most tech-savvy, there are so many brands, with so many features and with free or paid options to choose from. Below we have highlighted the 5 best 3D software to use with 3D Printing. From free and easy to difficult and powerful.

5 Best Free CAD Programs

TinkerCAD – Easy to use
AutoDesk 123D – Easy to use
Blender – Powerful but hard to learn
SketchUp – Easy to Use
FreeCAD – Hard to use but powerful

5 Most Powerful CAD Programs

PTC Creo

5 Best 3D Apps for Your Tablet

Modio – Create Toys
123D – Parametric design
123D Catch – 3D Scanning
123D Sculpt – Sculpting
123D Creature – Create creatures