3D CAD Experts

So you do some design eh?

Become a 3DPrint-NZ CAD Expert and help people bring their ideas to life

Sooooo why would you want to be a featured designer with us?

Want to offer your 3D design expertise to the masses? Ideally you are already a master at designing for 3D printing and know all the ins and outs of this awesome manufacturing method. There are range of perks for joining us in taking over the world creating the world of tomorrow.

  • Printing voucher on approval. Did ya hear that? Free 3D printing of stuff!
  • Free design leads, people have ideas and you make them become reality with us

We are looking for talented designers from all around New Zealand to help the innovators and inventors bring their ideas to life. You bring the skills, they bring the ideas and we bring them into this world with our awesome 3D printers.

Some important things to know:
You are not a 3D printing service. We’d love you to link back to our site. Some examples of your work are required. A portfolio or some example designs showcasing your work help us know your strengths.

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