3D Print Blog – 2/22/2018

3D Print Blog – 2/22/2018

Canterbury students lock in another world first  – with 3D printed Titanium engine.


An engineering world-first has been claimed by a group of students from New Zealand. The group of engineering students from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, have designed and built a 3D Printed titanium engine for the 2018 Shell Asia Eco-marathon in Singapore. The team also won the Design Award at last years race for their 100% recyclable car made from vacuum-formed thermoplastic, which was also a world-first. The engine runs on ethanol and will be put back in the same body of the vehicle from last year for this year’s race.



3D printed jewelry on the rise

Auckland based UX/CX designer and now jewelry designer, Amelia Diggie, is leveraging 3D printing for the creation of her jewelry line. Using a combination of SLM 3D printing (Selective Laser Melting) and Casting 3D printed wax, “HI [Human Interface] Jewelry” creates objects dedicated to women working in the tech industry; like herself. SLM technology allows her to create pieces with moving parts and other “incredibly futuristic things.. that can’t be achieved by the more traditional sense of jewelry making.”



Jacob Darowski