When you think of crinkle-cut you normally think of potato chips, but not anymore, Wollongong university have designed new 3D printed crinkle-cut surfboard fins.

6 lucky surfers flew out to Mentawai Islands on the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia to test out the new fins, the surfers were all different heights/weight/styles.

Initial data collected suggests the 3D printed crinkle-cut fins were the preferred fin with the majority of surfers. Due to the series of grooves on one side to improve water flow under the board, the crinkle-cut fin gives surfers more speed, extra projection on turns and increases the board’s lift to drag ratio.

After testing, one surfer said “”It was a very driving and a very fast fin, unanimously we all found when that fin was on, it was the best of the batch.”



art of UOW’s Global Challenges Program, the researchers and surfers involved in the trial hope to build a new niche manufacturing industry from the 3D-printed fins.

The 3D-printed fins are 3D designed using advanced CAD software to be stronger, lighter and more flexible in the water, with three different prototype fins developed for the Mentawai trials.

To have accurate feedback, the perfect wave had to be selected for surfers therefore the most reliable and consistent wave in the Mentawai Islands were chosen.

Everyone involved is hoping that a company will take up on the results and go into production soon.


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