3D Scan and 3D Print heavy duty jigs

3D Scan and 3D Print heavy duty jigs

The team at Cammpro needed to invest in a new heavy-duty jig to assist with their SLS 3D printing. To remove and install the Nylon12 powder into and from the machine, a trolley with a jig lifts the stainless-steel chamber, which carries 35KG of material. To assist with the high demand of 3D printing another Jig is required.

The old jig was manufactured from angle iron struts welded together. A replacement would take weeks and be an expensive part to outsource to a metal manufacturing company:


The first part of any manufacture is to create the plans, either a 2D drawing or 3D CAD files are necessary. For this project 3D CAD files would be required, but instead of taking time consuming manual measurements, especially where angles are involved, Cammpro have the capability to 3D Scan the old Jig. The general opinion of 3D scanning is that the whole part must be 3D scanned, which requires an experienced 3D scan professional, a very steady hand, and lots of memory spare on your laptop. But this is not always the case. For this part only, the external shape is required.

The below scan with the EinScan Pro2X plus only took 5-10 minutes to scan, and all the critical features were captured:

Scan jig 1
From this surface STL file that has been created, it can now be reverse engineered in traditional 3D software including Solidedge, Solidworks, Creo, Fusion 360 or in this instance Autodesk inventor Professional.

Scan jig 2
After some 3D Modelling:

CAD model 1

Instead of 3D printing the full assembly, Cammpro decided to use advanced manufacturing techniques combined with traditional manufacturing. Slots were designed into the model so angle iron struts could be placed into the model then either screwed or glued to secure:

CAD model 2Now that the 3D model has been created it’s time to 3D the parts with large scale 3D printing. Each model is over 360 x 400mm, therefore a very large 3D printer would be required.

CAD model 3

The Builder Extreme 1500 PRO with its build platform of 1100x500x800mm is large enough to print 2 at the same time:

Scan jig 3Now time to slot the angle iron pieces into the 3D printed parts, add some glue/screws and the jig is ready for production.

Scan jig 4


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