Large Format 3D Printing in Australia

Large Format 3D Printing in Australia

Early in 2020 Cammpro Ltd took delivery of a large format FDM 3D Printing Machine from Dutch manufacturer Builder3D. The Builder Extreme 1500 Pro.






The new Extreme 1500 still offers the Builder 3D big-build volume, but it’s slimmer, and on wheels, meaning it’s now capable of fitting into an elevator taking printing on the go.









Generous print volume of the Extreme 1500 PRO is 1100x500x820 mm. This size enables Builder to create a physical machine that’s of a size able to pass through most doorways, a common problem for many large format 3D printing machines.

In addition to Wi-fi connectivity and the on-board camera so you can keep an eye on your build when away from the 3D printer, the Extreme 1500 can also be loaded with 4 spools of 4.5kg – 6.5kg of filament.



The 3D printer has dual extrusion too, so prototypes can be printed in 2 colors, or use the same color so it doesn’t run out as fast. Builder recommend the use of Innofil PRO1 filament for their printers. When re-tested in the Extreme 2000, PRO1 printed the Empire State Building model in 210 hours instead of the previous 300.







Due to the fact that the Dual-Feed has only 1 nozzle its able to create a color mixed object. With a little help from Builders color mixing software you can print the most outrages color mixed objects.


How it works? The color mixing software changes the extruder ratio from both extruders while printing. The print starts with 100% yellow but ends in 100% pink which creates a nice color hybrid (orange) in your object.






Cammpro Ltd has had this machine working hard since its install, the machines second print after installation was a whopping 800mm Tall Eiffel Tower with 0% support material



Cammpro Ltd has produced a large number of Face Shields for the Covid19 outbreak



Cammpro Ltd is the exclusive Australian representative for Builder3D. Let Cammpro take care of all your 3D printing needs, whether it be 3D Design, 3D Printing, Small Batch Manufacturing or if you are looking for your own 3D Printing Machine, large or small.


With over 10 years 3D Printing and Engineering experience, Cammpro has the expertise to provide solutions for your manufacturing requirements.   Cammpro, Leader in Additive Manufacturing  Builder 3D Printers

Shane van Stuivenberg