Our Reverse Engineering Abilities Save You Money

Our Reverse Engineering Abilities Save You Money

Problem to Solution

Traditionally it has been financially uneconomical to manufacture low quantities of unique parts. The immense costs involved producing tools for injection molding jigs or the huge costs of 5-axis CNC mills have made if prohibitively expensive to reproduce broken or damaged parts. This often results in the otherwise functional machine being deemed a loss. In more recent years, 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies have been able to largely mitigate this problem. By doing away with the need to manufacture production tooling and the ability to produce almost any shape part, new life can be given to old, out of production or highly specialised equipment.

With the ability to now manufacture parts in low quantities, economically, the possibility of manufacturing hard-to-get parts via the process of reverse engineering becomes a viable option. Reverse engineering involves gathering data from existing physical objects and converting it into engineering data used to reproduce this part. 

Traditionally reverse engineering would have been a painstaking operation involving the fine measurement and drawing of a part manually by hand. This process would produce an engineering drawing from what an engineer would produce a 3D CAD file or CNC tool path.


3D Scanning eliminates the need to manually gather and interpret this data. In a matter of minutes (or seconds) a modern 3D scanner can capture all the data required to manufacture a part, something that would take an engineer hours, or even days, to do.

A 3D scanner is a device that utilises a light projector, a light measuring receiver and sometimes a laser to capture the surface data of an object. A complex software-based algorithm then stitches this raw data together to produce a virtual 3D object.

At Cammpro we specialise in advanced manufacturing techniques and we use a combination of traditional manufacturing methods coupled with modern 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment – it’s our specialty.

A large mine came to us with an issue they were facing with their mine shaft elevator system. The elevator utilised a worm drive and gear that recorded information on the lifts position to a controller box. Unfortunately, this small gear-set had worn and become damaged preventing the lift operating correctly.


We Formulated a Solution

With the range of modern manufacturing technologies here at Cammpro, we came up with a plan to utilise our 3D scanning capabilities with the rapid production abilities of our advanced 3D printers to produce a solution. We planned to digitize the broken gear, repair it in our 3D CAD software and reproduce it with our high-resolution resin based Objet 3D printer. This 3D printer operates similar to traditional 2D printer in movement, but deposits layer upon layer of a UV curable resin producing extremely accurate parts, quickly, and in multiple materials and colours.

As the worm drive set was small, it was perfectly suited for scanning in our automated turntable 3D scanner. This 3D scanner uses a turntable to securely hold and accurately rotate parts to capture them in ultra-high resolution. Within a few hours we had high resolution scans of the gears ready to be virtually repaired within our 3D CAD program. Repairing included replacing the teeth of the gear that had broken off and ensuring wear was compensated for.

How we Solved the Problem

Once the 3D CAD files were repaired and refined, they were ready to be programmed into our Objet 3D printer. The Objet produced these gears in a durable and wear resistant proprietary material within a few hours. Once the parts had passed our quality control checks, the client was informed their parts were ready to be collected.

To manufacture these gears traditionally many steps would need to be completed before a prototype could be produced. The parts would need to be reverse engineered manually, a toolset be produced, and a preliminary prototype manufactured – an extremely costly and slow exercise.      

Our Clients Problem was Solved

Our client contacted us a day after receiving the parts to let us know that the parts had been fitted and worked perfectly. They also informed us that they would be ordering a full production run, using this rapid manufacturing technique to replace all these parts in all their mine shafts.

Utilising the latest in advanced manufacturing, Cammpro has the ability to manufacture parts in volumes ranging from single one off parts to full scale production runs. If you or your business can benefit from our ability to reproduce parts quickly and cost effectively, no matter how obscure, feel free to contact us – we love to use this technology to do the ‘impossible’.


Daniel Lawrence