Weekly Newsletter 02.02.17

Weekly Newsletter 02.02.17

3D Printed Food

Would You Eat 3D Printed Food ?

Those carrots above are printed, if you look closely you can see the layer lines. The stems have been added after, and to be fair they don’t look so bad.
But would you be open to eating 3D printed food, which consists primarily of pureed food extruded through a heated nozzle?
A study was done to ask people and the results are interesting – some are predictable but others are surprising.

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Kooky Cubby

Melbourne Based Architectural Firm Helping Pioneer 3D Printing In Construction

Buildings have been built by hand since the dawn of time, or at least since we stopped using caves.
With an ever growing number of other industries becoming automated the construction industry has remained relatively conventional with it’s labour.
This is not a bad thing as it creates jobs but complicated geometries are difficult and time consuming to produce, and are therefore expensive. Is this changing?

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Jacob Darowski