Weekly Newsletter 05.04.17

Weekly Newsletter 05.04.17

There is a branch of science and research known as Biomimetics, where the aim is to improve human technology through studying nature. I find this very interesting as more and more we’re realising that solutions to many of our problems as a society are in fact in front of us. Until recently in history we have not been able to study many of nature’s intrinsic capabilities, nor have we been able to copy them.
It’s ironic that the more technologically advanced we become the closer we can get to nature, if not in spirit then in design.

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Italian EV bike

0-62mph In 4.2 Seconds, With Italian Style

It’s no news that Electric Vehicles can have a bit of pace when they need to, anyone who’s seen the video of a Tesla Model S’ ‘Insane Mode’ will know.
Generally, EV’s are not seen to be as edgy, and let’s be honest they don’t sound like a V8, but now we have more and more options to capture our hearts and minds. The Lacama bike above looks amazing, and won’t contribute to making you want to wear a mask in 20 years because of air pollution.

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Swarm Drone

Swarm Drone UAV’s Deployed From Fighter Jets

It’s all starting to sound a little bit like the generations of Sci-Fi movies we grew up with –¬†swarms of drones, one day self-replicating and all AI controlled.
Aside from the apocalyptic possibilities this project may enhance, there are some very useful roles for craft such as these. Exploration, Search and Rescue, storm monitoring and many other non-military (hopefully) based careers could all benefit from them.

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Jacob Darowski