Weekly Newsletter 08.03.17

Weekly Newsletter 08.03.17

I don’t know a great deal about shares, stock markets and such like, but if I were to put my money anywhere I’d choose this industry.
Why? Because it’s fast growing, currently has more innovation than I can keep track of and it’s new. Not saying you’re guaranteed to become rich but it could be worth looking into.


Cellulose Used As Potential New Printing Material

Stronger than ABS and PLA, this environmentally friendly and sustainable resource could be used for future purposes, including medical and antibacterial applications.
We’re seeing an increase in bio-printing, due to the potentially cheaper source material, compatibility with organic tissue and limited ecological impacts.

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Firearms Printed Fake

Sydney Man Charged Over Possession Of Replica Firearm

A Chinese man living in Sydney has been arrested over printing a replica, non usable firearm at his apartment – then attempting to sell it for $1,000,000.
Though the printed gun can’t be used, Police have taken the issue seriously as they believe it could still be used to threaten people.

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Jacob Darowski