Weekly Newsletter 09.02.17

Weekly Newsletter 09.02.17


Printed ‘Tracker Eggs’ Help Regrow Turtle Populations

We take for granted our survival rate as humans, the majority of babies born live at least a couple of years – which is far more than the 1 in 1000 chance a baby turtle has.
Many factors influence the mortality rate, and unfortunately one is poaching, which is largely unhindered.
3D printed eggs with embedded trackers are aiming to help follow the routes the poachers take, so law enforcement can target them successfully with their limited resources.

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Tiny Sub-millimetre Biopsy Forceps Require No Assembly

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the leading causes for cancer deaths, yet it’s difficult to detect until it’s late stage.
Having a reliable biopsy improves chances of earlier detection, and this tiny 3D printed forcep design can help obtain them from within the body.
They can be produced in commercial quantities and do not need to be assembled, which is quite extraordinary.

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Jacob Darowski