Weekly Newsletter 11.05.17

Weekly Newsletter 11.05.17

It’s been busy these last couple of weeks, and as a result I must apologise for skipping a few newsletters.
However good things come to those who wait, and the articles lined up for you today are certainly very interesting. Usual output should resume from now, in the meantime take advantage of a weekly special and some free printing ideas that caught our eye.

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Printed Colourful Skulpture

Sculptures And Art That Explore The Future Of Humans And Genetic Mutation

Not as heavy as it sounds (unless you want to dig that deep) because like with most art, you can stand and look, or you can get right into it.
When I first saw them I thought “those look cool”, but then I did actually start wondering what the future will look like through the context of the human body itself – what we wear and whether we choose to have enhanced implants.

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4D Printing

4D Printing Can Morph Parts After Stimulus Is Applied

As this article points out early on, 3D printing is over 30 years old, though even I hadn’t heard of it 10 years ago.
The fourth dimension is time and these parts are designed to change shape, they are printed out of multiple materials in one go and are originally ‘flat packed’. When the stimulus is applied they actuate and form a precisely designed 3D structure.

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Jacob Darowski