Weekly Newsletter 13.06.17

Weekly Newsletter 13.06.17

We’re into the first month of Winter and it’s cooling down slowly. On a positive note we’re nearing the Winter Solstice, so after 31st June our days will start getting longer again. Every planet has a unique set of seasons, and ours are different to the Moon’s and Mar’s –┬áplanets we most likely will inhabit one day with the help of 3D printing.

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Moon Settlement

Preliminary Human Settlement With Self Replicating Robots And Printers

Before we commit to sending humans to inhabit the moon it would be beneficial to have everything pre-built and waiting. That means that we can walk right on into home, instead of living in orbit or a landed module.
It would also save the logistics of sending up all the raw material needed – if we could use what’s already there.

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Disney No Copy

Anti-copying Protection Patent Being Developed By Disney

With the rise of 3D scanning, you are never sure that your copyrighted/IP sensitive material will not be used freely without your consent. But how can you stop it?
Entertainment giant Disney – whose other business interests include selling figurines and toys of well known brands like Star Wars – have a vested interest in people not using their designs. They’re developing a system that will possibly deter people from copying their products.

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