Weekly Newsletter 15.03.17

Weekly Newsletter 15.03.17

The phenomenon of time passing by quicker as we get older is widespread, many people feel that it’s true. A common attribution of why this phenomenon exists is that when you are younger you experience more ‘new’ things. As you get older your life becomes more routine, so in reflection of said life it seems you have more memories from adolescence.
Thus life seemed to pass by slower then.
We are in the adolescence of Additive Manufacturing, with so many new technologies being developed and few have yet matured. The sooner your business learns to utilize 3D printing the further ahead of the curve you will be.

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Space Station Printing

The Future Of Space Construction And Manufacture

Space is somewhere not many of us are planning on going anytime soon, if you are then that’s frankly quite awesome.
If we are ever to colonise other planets and sustainably live beyond our planet, then we’ll need to be able to produce parts and construct buildings. Doing this in the vacuums of space is very different from the surface of Earth.

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Toki Artist

Sculptures Of Light

Akinori Goto is an artist who uses light and a continuous transition of movement to create a sculpture that moves. Very cerebral, but also fascinating – to be honest it took me a while to figure out how exactly it worked, but blew my mind when I did.

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Jacob Darowski