Weekly Newsletter 17.02.17

Weekly Newsletter 17.02.17

Space Printing

3D Printed Medical Supplies, In Space

Travelling to space is not new to us, it’s been around for nearly 50 years. The status quo has generally been to manufacture components on earth, and then, with expensive and dangerous rockets send them into space.
Now however the astronauts can manufacture small compnents themselves on demand, without waiting for spplies from earth.
Is this the point where we as humans start to become a true multi-planetary species?

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Stretchy Electronics

Stretchy, Durable Electronics For A More Versatile Future

I’m sure few of us have the topic of rigid circuit board limitations on our mind.
“There’s limitations with rigid circuit boards?”, you may ask.
Think if your clothes had electronics built in, they could monitor your heart rate, temperature etc for sports.
Most appliances could be made smaller because boards could be folded to take up less space. Or they could be molded to fit the contours of a product, without losing performance in the process.

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Jacob Darowski