Weekly Newletter 01.06.17

Weekly Newletter 01.06.17

Phew, need to catch my breath after a couple of weeks flat out. Tell you what though – there has been some awesome parts come through, albeit challenging ones too.
In New Zealand some pretty big news has happened recently, with the successful launch of the Electron rocket from Rocket Labs. The rocket was aptly named ‘It’s a Test’, with our characteristically dry Southern Hemisphere humour.

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Rocket Lab

It’s A Test

But it worked. This story is important for numerous reasons, and two main ones are the country of origin and the rocket. The country: New Zealand, whom until now has had no aerospace program, and the rocket: features a mostly 3D printed engine – The Rutherford. Actually, it has 9 of them, and they are one of the first working 3D printed rocket engines in history.

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Programmable Matter

Programmable Matter Can Change It’s Properties During Operation

To explain this briefly is difficult as it opens up such enormous possibilities. Think for a moment what an aircraft’s wing is like. Now, what if it could change physically shape depending on the planes speed? Or how about robots that can reconfigure themselves to adapt to changing situations?
We now build things to suit a purpose, one day we can identify a purpose and the things will build themselves.

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Jacob Darowski