Weekly Newsletter 17.05.17

Weekly Newsletter 17.05.17

What surprises me is that it’s almost half way through the year, already.
Where has it gone? No idea, but then I look back at the progress we’ve madeĀ and the amount of orders we’ve sent off, and in a bizarre way the year seems to have gone slowly.
We had some good response from the previous story of human mutation, seems you all found it interesting. Once again this week we have some more articles for you to check out, let us know what you think.

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MIT Gel Printing

Rapid Liquid Printing Can Print Objects In Minutes, With No Support

I think we’re at a point with 3D printing technology that new techniques are invented constantly, yet they mostly are based on an original concept.
For example Rapid Liquid Printing is almost a combination of FDM printing and SLA, in the sense that you are extruding material from a filament, and the main build area is a fluid. By doing this you can print large parts very quickly, and even in different materials.

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VR In Manufacturing

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Will Change Manufacturing And Maintenance

I’m sure many of you have used screen sharing software at some point in your career. It’s when someone on a different computer remote controls your computer, and this is usually used to help you set up software/troubleshoot etc.
Now instead of remote controlling your computer we can remote control our vision. You wear VR glasses, and someone else can see what you see, provide instructions, information etc.
And that’s just one application for this technology..

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Jacob Darowski