Weekly Newsletter 19.04.17

Weekly Newsletter 19.04.17

Life is a bit of a balance, there are times where it can be quite intense, and others when it’s very laid back.
We have two stories today that relate to this basic truth, one may change the world, the other may make you question it.

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VR Design

Lockheed Martin Uses VR To Design

Prototyping is – thanks to digital advancements – becoming more and more possible within a virtual world.
3D printing helps with design iteration, resolve issues and test real world usability. Whilst this saves a huge amount of time and money it still relies on a digital design, and there still is an extra cost of material etc.
Now with VR, the designs can be further optimised before they are printed, reducing iterations and time to market faster, and reduce physical waste.

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I Burned Your Tweet

3D Printed Robot Prints Trumps Tweets, Then Burns Them And Sends Video To Trump

Not so much 3D printing news, admittedly, but a bit of comedy relief is important. The fact someone has spent the time to design and produce the already hilarious idea is gold.

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Jacob Darowski