Weekly Newsletter 21.06.17

Weekly Newsletter 21.06.17

I’ve seen numerous events in the news recently relating to the subject of cyber-security and cyber-warfare. It’s a concept that, whilst not new, is certainly becoming more of a risk to society, as we increasingly rely on internet based tools for managing our lives.
With IP and confidentiality of primary concern to many Australian companies, we want you to know we take a lot of care in making sure the files you’ve sent us are kept safe.

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Digital Identity

French Digital Artist Submits 3D Rendered Version Of His Face, For National ID, And Succeeds

Very few people I know actually think their passport photos make them look good. In some countries they are valid for 10 years, so the difference between the ‘then’ and ‘now’ can often be a bit of a laugh.
But what if you 3D modeled your face, sent a render of that, and it was accepted?
Will it ever become an acceptable form of ID?

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Bicycle Bridge

Concrete Bicycle Bridge Is Being Built, In The Ever Pioneering Netherlands

It’s set to be the first of its kind in the world. Printed first in concrete, pre-stressed┬ásections, it is then assembled with steel beams and bars.
Bicycles are not heavy machines, so it’s an ideal test of the technology to see how it will hold up in the real world. I foresee this helping ‘bridge’ the gap between ideas and action in printed construction.

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Jacob Darowski