Weekly Newsletter 22.03.17

Weekly Newsletter 22.03.17

If you’ve been a regular reader of these newsletters, thank you, and you will have noticed that space related articles feature prolifically. This is no accident and is due to two reasons – I find space fascinating, and aerospace companies are one of the strongest drivers in Additive Manufacturing development.
Now contrast their needs for high strength parts that operate in harsh environments with fashion design, certainly not as difficult an industry but both benefit equally from the freedom of design allowed.
That also tenuously links the two news articles I have for you today, they’re both more interesting than my humour I assure you.

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Butterfly Dress

Australian Fashion Designer Prints Butterflies For Dress

23 year old designer Charne Esterhuizen, from Canberra, Australia, has printed 150 butterflies for her dress, which will be shown at Vancouver Fashion Week.
Fashion applications for printing are numerous, as it allows designers to be extremely creative and reduces the time it takes to produce their pieces.
She was also environmentally conscious and used any scrap pieces to make accessories for the dress, rather than throw them out.

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SpaceX Capsule

SpaceX Commercial Space Flight Given A Date

Elon Musk is certainly one of the most pioneering people in the world right now, an entrepreneur who’s set his sights on the stars.
The rocket engines on his craft use a large amount of 3D printed components, and one day in the future, some of us may be on one of these very planes.

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Jacob Darowski