Weekly Newsletter 29.03.17

Weekly Newsletter 29.03.17

It’s been all over the news lately but I can’t help but mention Cylone Debbie. I have to say it’s probably the least intimidating name for something so dangerous and powerful. Mainly because one of my cousins is called Debbie, and she’s one of the gentlest people you would ever meet!
In all seriousness, I hope that if any of you reading are in the affected area that you’re safe.
Imagine how much power a wind farm would generate in the middle of a cyclone..

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Engine Block

Australian Vintage Car Restoration Uses 3D Printed Pattern To Cast New Engine Block

Three cars of this Delage Type S were built, pre-World War 1.
Unfortunately 2 were melted down to produce munitions during that war leaving only this one.
Being the only survivor can be good and bad, whilst now priceless and rare it’s also priceless and rare. When something breaks on it there is no parts supplier down the road to buy some replacements off.
So when your engine block cracks what do you do?

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Cultural Relics Destroyed By ISIS Re-created

When ISIS destroyed many artifacts during it’s initial period in Syria back in 2015, it left a big hole in parts of the regions cultural identity.
Many of what was destroyed dated back to Roman times and earlier. In an effort to retain the history, in one form or another, a project was started by a woman named Morehshin Allahyari which 3D printed replicas and accumulated all information relevant to them for preservation.

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